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How do we secure your house during and after a production?

How do we secure your house during and after a production?

At Spot Locations we have more than 10 years of experience in managing properties for our clients. We have earned the trust and support of thousands of property owners and production professionals.

But, what actually happens during and after production days and how can you be ensured that your house is in good hands with us as your location agency?

  • We make sure that delicate parts of the location are well protected, floors carpeted and all dangerous objects (tripods, stand-by material, etc.) are properly placed or covered.
  • Our team helps guarantee that the production team stays in the agreed areas and follows the house rules. Sometimes owners have to be asked not to enter the set! Any issues that arise are solved on the spot. In general this is highly sensitive work in a stressful environment that requires a lot of empathy and social skills.
  • We maintain good relations with owners, neighbours and any involved or affected party.
  • We take before and after photos to keep track of any possible damages.
  • When we leave the location, we make sure that everything is in its place and the property is restored to its original state. It’s usual for cleaning arrangements to be discussed before the production – whether the property will take care of it or whether an external team will be sent.


What happens after a production?

  • If there are any damages to the property, we stay on the project until everything is repaired. We don’t leave the homeowner or the production company’s side until everything is completely tied up.
  • Most issues that arise during a production - like repainting a wall or doing small repairs - can be solved by the production company’s own art department.
  • If there are more serious damages, the production company’s insurance has to get involved. This process can be highly sped up if owners are able to quickly get budgets for repairs from their trusted suppliers. The insurance company receives the budget and either approves it right away or sends a specialist to the property to ensure that the budget is correct.
  • We do not bill homeowners or production companies for the time we spend after productions to solve disputes or reclaim damages. It is a service which we see as part of our duty and reputation. Our aim is to be the most professional and reputable location agency towards the property and the production company and our clientele and partners respect that.

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